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Pharm students for easy understanding of the principles of physical pharmaceutics. The Experimental manual covers experiments to provide fundamental principles of physical pharmacy necessary to design physically and chemically stable dosage forms and ensure their therapeutic safety and efficacy.

Remington Education: Physical Pharmacy

Pharm students for easy understanding of the principles of physical pharmaceutics. The Experimental manual covers experiments to provide fundamental principles of physical pharmacy necessary to design physically and chemically stable dosage forms and ensure their therapeutic safety and efficacy. This manual is a unique in nature as it covers the two necessities of students: text on theoretical principles and its application including illustrative exercises in the form of practical.

Basic Rules and Requirements. Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Basic Rules of Laboratory. Basic Requirements of Microbiology Laboratory. Hot Air Oven. Laminar Air Flow. Colony Counter. Preparation and Sterilization of Media.

Aseptic Technique and Transfer of Microorganisms. Growth Promotion Test of the Medium. Preparation of Agar Slants, Stabs and Plates. Preservation of Microbial Cultures. Streak Plate Method. Pour Plate Method. Spread Plate Technique. Staining Techniques of Microorganisms.

Preparation of a Bacterial Smear. Simple Staining. Negative Staining. Gram Staining Acid-Fast Staining. Staining of Fungus by Lactophenol Cotton Blue. Biochemical Tests for Identification of Bacteria. IMViC Tests. Indole Test. Citrate Test. Carbohydrate Fermentation Test. Starch Hydrolysis Test. Gelatin Hydrolysis Test. H2S Production Test. Bacterial Motility. Wet Mount Method. Hanging Drop Method.

Microbial Assay of Antibiotics. Turbidimetric or Tube Assay Method. Sterility Testing of Pharmaceuticals. Environmental Monitoring. Environmental Monitoring by Settling Plate Method. Bacterial Analysis of Water. Microbial Taxonomy. About the Author:. Sadhan Kumar Dutta , M. Sc, PhD. He had joined as a lecturer in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Jadavpur University, Kolkata and served the university for 35 years and finally retired as professor of Pharmacy.

In between he also served M. University of Baroda as a Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology. He has authored over 60 research papers and still active as research guide. He is the recipient of many awards like outstanding people of 20th century' etc. Access our e-learning resources from our repository at www. Buy This E-Book.

Instrumentation Engineering. Mechanical Engineering. Civil Engineering. Environmental Sciences. Aeronautical Engineering. Allied Sciences. Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Pharmaceutical Analysis. Regulatory Affairs. Pharmacy Competitive. Pharma Practices. Pharmaceutical Microbiology. Pharmaceutics Practical. Pharmaceutical Analysis Practical. Pharmaceutical Management.

Agriculture Meteorlogy. Soil Science. Food Science. Environmental Management. Water Resources. Safety Health and Environment. Library Science. Competitive Exams. Book Detail. Click here. Like us on our Pages. Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Basic Rules of Laboratory 2. Basic Requirements of Microbiology Laboratory Instrumentation 3.

Microscope 4. Autoclave 5. Incubator 6. Hot Air Oven 7. Laminar Air Flow 8. Spectrophotometer Preparation and Sterilization of Media Aseptic Technique and Transfer of Microorganisms Growth Promotion Test of the Medium Preparation of Agar Slants, Stabs and Plates Streak Plate Method Pour Plate Method Preparation of a Bacterial Smear Staining Simple Staining Negative Staining Acid-Fast Staining IMViC Tests Indole Test

A Laboratory Manual of Physical Pharmaceutics

Save extra with 2 Offers. It is a great pleasure to present this book in the hands of readers. The book is strictly written as per syllabus framed by PCI under Section 6, 7 and 8 of Regulation I have made an attempt to make this subject and the concepts of the experiment more simple and understandable to the budding pharmacy student readers. The sequence of experiments given in syllabus is maintained while writing the script.

PDF | On Aug 3, , Prashant Pandey published PRACTICAL MANUAL OF PHYSICAL PHARMACEUTICS- I | Find, read and cite all the research you need on.


Texts: Dutta S. All experiments will be performed by pairs or 3 in a group. Each student must record data in his or her own Laboratory Notebook and prepare an individual report to be submitted. A full comprehension of the assigned work will be expected of each student prior to the actual experimentation.

Azza Ali Hasan Assistant professor Pharmaceutics. Several related experiments on: adsorption, viscosity, surface tension, partition coefficient , and reaction kinetics and determination of reaction rate constants. Measure the density of unknown liquids.

Sinko et al. You have remained in right site to begin getting this info. Physical Incompatibility Physical incompatibilities are often called pharmaceutical incompatibilities.

Physical pharmaceutics lab manual

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