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de ign and fabrication of automatic rever e brakingy tem pdf

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Asrafzmn Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. The idea is to maintain cornering forces on braked wheels to ensure that the vehicle or vehicle combination retains its driving stability and ma- noeuvrability as far as physically possible.

The available power trans- mission or grip between tyres and carriageway should also be utilised as far as possible to minimise the braking distance and maximise vehicle deceleration.

Why ABS? Although today commercial vehicle brakes are designed to a very high technical standard, braking on slippery roads often results in potentially dangerous situations. During full or even partial braking on a slippery road it may no longer be possible to fully transfer the braking force onto the road due to the low coefficient of friction friction coefficient k be- tween the tyres and the carriageway. The braking force is excessive and the wheels lock up. Locked wheels no longer provide any grip on the road and are almost incapable of transferring any cornering forces steering and tracking forces.

This often has dangerous consequences: — The vehicle becomes unsteerable — The vehicle breaks away in spite of countersteering, and starts to swerve. Even a vehicle fitted with ABS will become uncontrollable if driven too fast around a corner. So ABS is not a licence for a maladjusted style of driving or failure to ob- serve the correct safety distance. Increasing the engine output accelerating on a slippery road surface can easily lead to the maximum adhesion on one or all powered wheels being exceeded causing them to spin, especially if the vehicle is unladen or partially laden.

Spinning wheels when driving off or accelerating represent a safety risk just like locked wheel do when braking. Reasons — Wheels that spin transfer just as little cornering force as locked wheels. Consequences — Vehicles that do not move or get stuck. Benefits of ASR ASR prevents the powered wheel from spinning and provides the follow- ing benefits: — Tractive power and cornering forces are maintained. Even a differential lock for off-road use and ASR do not exclude but com- plement each other.

Limits of ASR The traction capacity of an all-wheel driven commercial vehicle can not be achieved by a motor vehicle with only one driving axle - not even with optimal ASR. This function is integrat- ed in the ABS control unit and can be activated by the vehicle manufacturer.

RSC controls the engine output and applies the service brake to reduce the risk of overturning in corners. RSC identifies the critical lateral acceleration for this purpose.

When the lateral acceleration exceeds a specific level, RSC reduces the engine torque, activates the engine brake and brakes, if required, the towing vehicle axles as well as the trailer, if applicable. A lateral acceleration sensor and the software for signal processing, monitoring and driving dynamics control are integrated in the ABS control unit for RSC.

Within physical limits, ESC operates automatically and takes corrective action in terms of engine output and brake to keep the vehicle on track during extreme driving situations. It operates when driving as well as braking and comprises two independent functions: Control of tracking stability yaw Control This function is activated when the vehicle loses stability in critical situations e. In such situations ESC uses ABS or EBS to regulate the braking forces on each wheel, throttles the engine output, thereby reducing the risk of swerving when cornering and during avoidance manoeuvres.

ESC prevents potential "jackknifing" of a semitrailer train by simultaneous, dosed braking of the semitrailer even if it is equipped with a conventional braking system. The ESC control unit processes the data from the yaw rate, lateral acceleration and steering angle sensors and communicates with the ABS or EBS control unit via the braking system data bus.

Collaborative teamwork push both system development and vehicle testing ahead. Co-operation is extended to other manufacturers. Microcomputers are the core element and are used in commercial vehicles for the first time. Final winter testing in Lapland near the polar circle in the presence of experts from many different countries. Series production of the A version 2 and 4 channel systems.

Introduction of 6-channel ABS. The cornering force coefficient decreases much more rapidly than the brake force coefficient in combination with the same brake slip. While maximum adhesion is not achieved, it is possible to increase the braking force within the "stable" range by increasing the slip. In this case, there are also sufficiently large cornering forces available to keep the ve- hicle steerable and therefore stable. The vehicle is then almost completely unsteerable. The cornering force coef- ficient also falls as drive slip increases, and by the time the wheels spin it is negligible.

ASR control Drive slip regulators influence the acceleration events only if certain threshold values of the wheel slip or the wheel acceleration are exceed- ed. Electronically operated solenoid valves brake the respective wheel pro- portionately or reduce the engine performance until the stable adhesion range is reached again. If the event of further regulating action, the wheel is held in the proximity of the maximum possible adhesion within a slip range that is as narrow as possible.

The electrical puls- es generated within the sensor are transmitted to the electronic control unit ECU which uses them to compute the wheel speed. At the same time, the ECU uses a certain mode to determine a reference speed that is close to the vehicle speed, which is not actually measured. When certain slip values are exceeded, the solenoid control value is ac- tuated. This causes the pressure in the brake cylinder to be limited or re- duced, thereby keeping the wheel within its optimum slip range.

In the area of the ordinate, the braking pressure is shown in the bottom section, and the middle section shows the reference and wheel speeds. The so- lenoid valve pulses appear in the top section. The control procedure The driver actuates the braking system. The brake pressure increases. The speed of the observed wheel suddenly drops much faster than the reference speed. Although the wheel is still within the stable braking range i.

The ABS solenoid valve is actuated and rapidly reduces the pressure in the brake cylinder of that wheel, and the wheel begins to accelerate again. The electronics cause the solenoid control valve to reverse, keeping the braking pressure at a constant level until the wheel runs within the stable slip range again. As soon as more braking force can be transferred, the braking pressure is increased by means of pulsing - i.

If the wheel speed drops significantly relative to the reference speed during this process, a new control cycle begins. This procedure is repeated for as long as the brake pedal is pressed too hard for these road conditions or until the vehicle comes to a halt. The maximum control frequency which can be achieved here is 3 to 5 cycles per second. The speed and acceleration values of the powered wheels are com- pared to those of the non-powered wheels. As soon as a driving wheel exceeds the slip threshold as it accelerates, the ECU will actuate the respective differential brake valve and thus con- trol the braking pressure in the applicable brake cylinder of the service brake.

Engine control: As soon as both powered wheels spins or the slip of one spinning wheel has exceeded a threshold value, the system switches from differential brake control engine control, reducing the engine output. This causes the engine output to increase again up to the level selected by the driver via the accelerator pedal, or until another speed regulation cycle begins.

Note This function can also be used as integrated speed limiting GBProp and complies with all legal requirements for speed limiting. Use of differential braking and engine On wintery roads the coefficients of friction tend to vary. As a result, en- control gine and differential brake control complement each other. On an even road surface control is mainly implemented by a reduction of the engine speed, and differential brake control is restricted to syn- chronising the powered wheels.

If the friction coefficient differs on either side, differential brake control is prioritised and applies pressure only the brake cylinder of the spinning wheel.

The driving torque is therefore transferred to the other wheel. To avoid overheating the wheel brake, the differential brake threshold value is linearly increased above approx. ASR engine control in vehicles with a Electronic engine controls are often used in articulated buses but in- drive-by-wire system creasingly also for other motor vehicles.

The mechanical linkage be- tween the accelerator pedal and the fuel-injection pump is then dispensable apart from a short link between the electrical control motor and the pump adjusting lever. The mechanical linkage is replaced by an electrical setpoint generator on the accelerator pedal potentiometer and a control motor fitted close to the fuel-injection pump. Traction mode and ASR off-road switch In deep snow or in similar conditions the traction force can be increased by actuating the "ASR off-road" button which is available as an option.

If this button is activated, the ECU changes the conditions slip thresholds for ASR control to permit higher slip ratios. The ASR lamp flashes in regular cycles while the button is actuated to indicate to the driver that stability may be reduced.

When required, it actuates the solenoid valves to prevent locking of the vehicle wheels. The master circuit consists of a microcomputer. A complex program is used to compute and logically link the control signals and to transmit them to the valve control unit.

Each circuit has its own independent safety circuit which essentially consists of the safety computer and monitors the entire ABS system, i. It alerts the driver of any faults via a warning lamp and deactivates ABS control for one wheel or both diagonal wheels, or the entire ABS in cer- tain cases. Here he braking system continues to be fully operational, only the ASR is partially or fully deactivated.

ECUs from the C generation onward permanently store any faults de- tected for diagnostics. The valve controllers contain power transistors output stages which are driven by the signals received from the master circuit, and which switch the current for actuating the control valves. A lateral acceleration sensor and the software for signal processing, monitoring and driving dynamics control are inte- grated in the ABS control unit for this purpose.

The new diagnostic function "Automatic clearing of the diagnostic mem- ory" is used to automatically delete a diagnostic message or the associ- ated address if the message does not recur within hours. The benefit of this procedure is that the diagnostic memory is cleared of diagnostic messages that were generated during production or commis- sioning of the vehicle but not deleted. The warranty for the ECU may be affected in this case.

Modified indi- vidual control MIC is used for the steered axle. Two sensors and one modulator are fitted on the steering axle for MAR. Control occurs per axle because the braking pressure is equal on all wheels of this axle.

With MAR, none of the wheels on the axle will lock.

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MF Tractor. In the company acquired F.

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PDF | This project helps create an automatic 3 tons pallet jack | Find, read and cite all the research you need on Project: Deign and fabrication of a 3 Tons automated pallet jack. Authors: The Crank Mechanism And Linkage System. Some contain a type of dead man's switch rather than a brake.

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capacity. Moreover, this decrease is evident in tonnage vehicles, which are The braking systems of the cars are in permanent. evolution.

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A Power Commander is a brand of fuel injection or ignition timing manufactured by Dynojet Research Inc.

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