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indian railway train name and number list pdf

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Do you want to check down the list where you can get an idea of the Indian Railways station and their respective station codes?

Trains: Numbers aguantevaldivia.

Indian Railways said on Tuesday it will operate pairs or trains between October 20 to November 30 during the festival season across the country. These pairs of trains will be operated in addition to those being run already. The ministry of railways said in a statement that the decision was taken as the national transporter is expecting a rush of passenger during the upcoming festive season.

IRCTC special trains: Full list of trains, stoppages & time-table starting from May 12

Do you want to check down the list where you can get an idea of the Indian Railways station and their respective station codes? No matter, if only for the knowledge or any other specific purpose, you want to know of the station code and railway station name, here you can get an insight of the same.

Along with railway station and station codes, people can get an idea of the trains that are running through those stations. If something clicks, then individually particular train details could be accessed easily simply by checking out IRCTC or NTES site, and entering in there train name or train number and getting the information from there. At these platforms, much information about the trains and their respective data could be fetched and as per the seat availability, it is preferred to make the booking in that train.

It is advised to do the reservations in the train at its earliest as could be possible as it saves from any trouble that could happen at the last minute of time. So, have a look at all the information that you want to know about and accordingly get reservations and have a safe travel. Looking for a specific station and its code and an understanding about the number of trains running t and fro from the same?

Do you want to check out all stations along with their respective station codes? What if, you get to know about a page where you can find out a list of all the station names available at present and in operational mode in country along with the station codes, will it solve your purpose?

Well, here you can definitely grab an idea about the same. Here, users can not only find out about all the trains and station codes but also the information related to the number of trains running via them. Users can check out trains in between stations, about all trains running in between specified source and final junctions, and more. In fact, it is been stated that checking out time table of a train is always considered as beneficial and effective in planning up your journeys.

So, what are you waiting for? Simply get to the respective station name, know about its station code, check out trains running from that station, select any one of them to know all details in particular and do make sure to look for seats, get tickets and have a safe travel.

Want to get an access to a list of all stations with their respective station codes? Here, in this post you will definitely get an idea about the same.

People can fetch all information about different stations here, their respective station code and the number of trains that are passing through them with ease. To do the same, users simply need to mention the train name or train number along with the source and final stations name to be chosen from the drop down menu and within a click, all information related to that train time table will be in front of them.

So, know about the stations, how many trains have been running from there and then accordingly make your plans and get tickets in the desired train. Just for the record, as of now, there are 17 railway zones in Indian Railways defined.

For the administrative convenience and all, Railways has divided regional railways into zones and earlier there were only 9 zones and recently 7 have been created giving a total of Aside from this, Konkan Railways is not specifically considered as a separate zone but is an integral part of Railways for sure. It is operated and supervised by the Konkan Railway cooperation. These zones are further divided into other divisions just for the ease and convenience.

Be aware of them and have a safe travel. Every station in India has been provided with a unique code by the Indian Railways to locate them easily.

Passengers travelling to different destinations are required to search for information pertaining to trains and the different stations that it passes through. This is sure to solve the desired purpose.

Users not only will be able to identify about station codes and trains, but also seek information pertaining to number of trains that cross these stations. If the desire is to find out a specific schedule or time table, then it can be done by visiting the IRCTC portal or other reputed private portals. These are dedicated online platforms, where the list of station codes can be derived with the click of the button.

Users can effortlessly check out the trains that run between the stations, about trains which run in a specific route and the final junctions.

Presently, there are about 17 railway zones. Indian railways, for administrative purpose has managed to divide the regional railways into numerous zones. Earlier, only 9 zones were present and 7 newly created, thus making the total to Are you searching for top Indian Railway stations which is on the position of Top ?

In Indian Railways Language each station is denoted by some specific station code. By this station code number it is easy for everyone to know the name of the station or the place in short form. So Do you want to check out Top Indian Railway station codealong with their respective station names? Regarding the same, here you can grab an idea about the same for sure. So these are as follows At Howrah junction, there are 23 platforms in total and about trains pass by the station on each day basis.

More than a million passengers travel by to and fro from here on daily basis. At New Delhi station, the numbers of platforms that are available are 16 and more than trains pass by taking halt here on each day. More than passengers travel by from here and it is an important station of the country. The numbers of platforms at Kalyan station are 8 and over trains pass by from here on daily basis.

The approximate number of travellers that are here on every day basis is more than The numbers of platforms available at Vadodara station are 7 and more than trains pass by here on daily basis. The platform that are available at Mughal Sarai junction are 8 in total and about trains pass by from here on each day basis. The platforms at Patna station are 10 and the number of trains that pass by daily is about How many Divisions are there in Northern Railway?

As of now, there are in total 5 divisions in Northern Railways. Indian Railways categorize its operations into zones and they are further classified into divisions. Each division is known to be having a divisional headquarter.

In total, there are 73 divisions as of now. Northern Railways is among one of the 18 zones of the country and the headquarters of the zone is in New Delhi Baroda House near India Gate. It was officially introduced as separate rail zone in and it has been created by blending in Bikaner Railway, Jodhpur Railway and Eastern Punjab Railway, along with the three divisions of the Eastern Indian Railway that is North-West of Mughalsarai in Uttar Pradesh. In , the first Allahabad Kanpur, the passenger based rail line is opened in North India falling under the Northern Railways.

How many Divisions are there in Southern Railway? There are 6 divisions which are categorized in the Southern Railways and they are Chennai, Madurai, Tiruchirappalli, Palakkad, Thiruvananthapuram, and Salem.

Originally, the Southern Indian Railways was created by the British Colonial times in and later been registered in The original headquarter of them was in Tiruchirappalli and was even acknowledged to be a certified company in London in As per the re-organization of the present railway zones and foundation of new zones that were undertaken by the Indian Railways zone in , SR is known to have evolved as the second biggest zone that took few gauge conversion projects as well as created new lines.

The six divisions that were stated above and that comes under SR, cover the states of kerala, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, and smaller portions and areas of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh too. As per the estimate, over 50 crore passengers and travellers used to travel on the same network on each year basis.

The zone operates and includes freight as well as passenger based running trains. Your email address will not be published. Indian Railway Station List with Station Code Do you want to check down the list where you can get an idea of the Indian Railways station and their respective station codes? Want to know about the total No of zone in India? Indian Railway Station code with Division Every station in India has been provided with a unique code by the Indian Railways to locate them easily.

Total zones in Indian Railways Presently, there are about 17 railway zones. So these are as follows:- C leanest Indian Railways station out of top :- As per the Indian Railways inspection team in the last year Jodhpur and Marwar Railway station of Rajasthan state has been adjudged one of the most cleanest Railway station on the Indian Railways network. After this Jaipur which comes under North-Western railway and Tirupati of South-Central Railway zone is on the second and third slot in the A1 category of stations.

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Full list of trains running till August 12: Here's all you need to know

List of trains starting from May Indian Railways releases full list of 15 special passenger trains! Ahead of resuming passenger train services, Piyush Goyal-led Indian Railways has released the full list of 15 passenger trains that will begin plying from the New Delhi railway station from May Indian Railways has said that counter ticket operations at railway stations will continue to remain shut. To begin with, Indian Railways has partially resumed passenger train services to 15 destinations in the country from the New Delhi railway station. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Financial Express is now on Telegram. Click here to join our channel and stay updated with the latest Biz news and updates.

India has the world's fourth-largest railway network, spanning over a route of over 67, km. Our railway system has undergone multiple changes over the years, since the first railway proposal was made in Below is the extensive map of Indian railway network, presented in fine details:. Date: To find train time table click in the Date field to open the Calendar and select the date on which you wish to travel. Source: Enter the name of the source location of your journey. For example, if you're starting your journey from Delhi, enter Delhi. You will see the list of stations in that city and can select the specific station from which you will be starting your journey.

IRCTC reservation: Complete list of 310 special trains, timings, stoppages

Indian Railways IR is a governmental entity under the Ministry of Railways that operates India's national railway system. In the fiscal year ending March , IR carried crore 8. Suburban EMUs run at an average speed of

The 80 new trains announced today will be operational from 12 September, reservations for which will begin from September 10 This will be in addition to the earlier trains which resumed earlier. Indian Railways on Saturday announced that it will be operating 80 new passenger trains amid the novel coronavirus pandemic in order to ease travelling of the citizens to their home states. This will be in addition to the earlier trains which resumed earlier.

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Indian Train List - Train Name, Train Number & From - To Station Names

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List of trains run by Indian Railways


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