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religion in essence and manifestation a study in phenomenology pdf

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Religion in Essence and Manifestation

The phenomenology of religion concerns the experiential aspect of religion , describing religious phenomena in terms consistent with the orientation of worshippers. It views religion as made up of different components, and studies these components across religious traditions in order to gain some understanding of them. However, Chantepie's phenomenology "belongs neither to the history nor the philosophy of religion as Hegel envisioned them". Chantepie's Lehrbuch was highly influential, and many researchers began similar efforts after its publication and its subsequent translation into English and French. In , Kristensen was appointed the first professorship relating to the phenomenology of religion at the University of Leiden. For Chantepie, phenomenology is affected by the philosophy and history of religion , but for Kristensen, it is also the medium whereby the philosophy and history of religion interact with and affect one another.


This article aims to explain phenomenology by reviewing the key philosophical and methodological differences between two of the major approaches to phenomenology: transcendental and hermeneutic. Understanding the ontological and epistemological assumptions underpinning these approaches is essential for successfully conducting phenomenological research. This review provides an introduction to phenomenology and demonstrates how it can be applied to HPE research. We illustrate the two main sub-types of phenomenology and detail their ontological, epistemological, and methodological differences. Share your thoughts on Twitter using the hashtag: aqualspace.

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Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. A qualitative, phenomenological study, based on Martin Heidegger. Thirteen older women registered in an Urban Social Center of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil aged between 60 and 84 years participated in the study. The collection of testimonies was carried out from November to May through phenomenological interviews. Fizeram parte do estudo 13 idosas cadastradas em um Centro Social Urbano de Salvador, Bahia, Brasil, com idade entre 60 e 84 anos.

Quick jump to page content. Published Dec 31, Abstract The phenomenology of religion has been criticized for failure of identity and critical nerve. This paper explores the problems and possibilities of balancing critic and caretakership by critically examining the aims and methods of a particular nuance of phenomenology of religion called historical-typological phenomenology of religion.

The Phenomenological Movement pp Cite as. The first decision any historiographer has to make is where to begin his story. Unless he wants this decision to be completely arbitrary, he should also be prepared to justify it by a clear conception of the unifying theme for his account. Unfortunately, this demand cannot be satisfied so easily in the case of the history of phenomenology.

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Read Online · Download PDF. Save It is a model of one kind of phenomenology of religion, and its republication in Probably few contemporary scholars in the field of religious studies would fail to feel that there are criticisms to be made ofReligion in Essence and Manifestationbut scarcely any would not recognize it as a.

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