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Fluorescence, the absorption and re-emission of photons with longer wavelengths, is one of those amazing phenomena of Nature.

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Biomedical Applications for Spectroscopy

The phenomenon of coral fluorescence in mesophotic reefs, although well described for shallow waters, remains largely unstudied. We found that representatives of many scleractinian species are brightly fluorescent at depths of 50—60 m at the Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences IUI reef in Eilat, Israel. Some of these fluorescent species have distribution maxima at mesophotic depths 40— m. Several individuals from these depths displayed yellow or orange-red fluorescence, the latter being essentially absent in corals from the shallowest parts of this reef. We demonstrate experimentally that in some cases the production of fluorescent pigments is independent of the exposure to light; while in others, the fluorescence signature is altered or lost when the animals are kept in darkness. Furthermore, we show that green-to-red photoconversion of fluorescent pigments mediated by short-wavelength light can occur also at depths where ultraviolet wavelengths are absent from the underwater light field. Intraspecific colour polymorphisms regarding the colour of the tissue fluorescence, common among shallow water corals, were also observed for mesophotic species.

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The development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy, for which the Nobel Prize was awarded in , has been a topic of interest to physicists and biologists alike. It is inevitable that numerous questions in biomedical research cannot be answered by means other than direct observation. In this review, advances to fluorescence microscopy are covered in a widely accessible fashion to facilitate its use in decisions related to its acquisition and utilization in biomedical research. The advent of optical microscopy has had a significant impact on the life sciences specially in visualizing the molecular architecture of the cell 1 — The development of fluorescent probes has allowed observations at the single molecule level 12 whilst the recent introduction of super resolution microscopy has allowed imaging of an array of nanoscopic biological complexes with unprecedented resolution 1 , 5 — 7 , 9. In this review, advanced fluorescence microscopy techniques are discussed in an application-oriented fashion. A quantum mechanical treatment of an atom reveals the probability of an associated electron, possessing an amount of available energy, of occupying any energy level of the atom.

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E-mail: dklim korea. E-mail: blseong yonsei. A facile method for the quantification of native state protein is strongly required to accurately determine the amount of expressed protein of interest. Here we report a simple bead-based assay, which can sensitively quantify the amount of native state green fluorescent protein using Ni-NTA nickel-nitrilotriacetic acid -modified microbead particles. The bead-based method is simple and straightforward to perform and it showed a highly sensitive capability to detect the expressed fluorescent protein because of the enriched fluorescent protein on the beads.

A self-contained treatment of the latest fluorescence applications in biotechnology and the life sciences This book focuses specifically on the present applications.

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Download the PDF version. Introduction The application of fluorescence polarization offers unique advantages over conventional fluorescence imaging and quantitation. In fluorescence polarization studies, fluorophores tied to biological samples or chemical compounds help elucidate the underlying mechanism of interest. As opposed to the standard fluorescence techniques, fluorescence polarization allows for fast and accurate quantitative measurements with relatively simple instrumentation compared to sophisticated research instruments. Therefore, applications such as High Throughput Screening HTS , a key technique in drug discovery, have made widespread use of fluorescence polarization.

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DOI: Recommend this Book to your Library. Fluorescence Microscopy is a precise and widely employed technique in many research and clinical areas nowadays.

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