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animal kingdom quiz questions and answers pdf

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Answer: Calf. Answer: Clam. Animal Quiz.

Biology always plays a vital role in competitive exams. Get SSC mocks for just Rs. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. The fundamental problem faced by the students is to remember the examples of different animal and plant kingdom, botanical name, various enzymes, various processes, as well as the exceptions. Practice Now.

Biology MCQ for Chapter Animal kingdom

These short solved questions or quizzes are provided by Gkseries. View Answer. Current Affairs PDF. Daily Current Affairs February Daily Quiz February Current Affairs on Govt. Go To Download Page Close. A Fish. A skull of frog. B Vertebrae of frog. C Sternum of frog. D Pectoral girdle of frog. Answer:Vertebrae of frog. A Protozoa, Porifera, Cnidarians, and Platyhelminthes. B Platyhelminthes, Aschelminthes and Annelida. C Annelida, Artropoda, and Mollusca.

D Arthropoda, Mollusc and Echinodermata. Answer: Annelida, Artropoda, and Mollusca. A Cuttle fish. Answer:Globe fish. A Amphioxus. Answer: Tunicates. A are unique chordate characteristic. B are found in fishes, crabs, snails, aquatic insects. C are found in higher invertebrates and vertebrates.

D are not found in protochordates, but are present in vertebrates, at least during the embryonic life. Answer:are unique chordate characteristic.

A amniotes only. B anamniotes only. C Amniotes and anamniotesonly. D amphibians and mammals. Answer: Amniotes and anamniotesonly. A Cartilaginous and bony fishes. B Frogs and toads. C Lizards and snakes. D Crocodiles and alligators. Answer:Cartilaginous and bony fishes. A Skin is respiratory. B Exoskeleton is absent. C Both a and b. D None of these. Answer: Both a and b. A Renal portal system. B Hepatic portal system. C Hypophyseal portal system. D all of these. Answer: all of these.

A neogenesis. B Paedogenesis. C Parthenogenesis. D Pedomorphosis. Answer: Pedomorphosis. A Ambystoma. Answer: Ambystoma. A External gills. C Laterally compressed tail. Answer:all of these. A Hyla. Answer: Rhacophorus. A Rana. Answer: Salamandra. A Sound. A Danger cell. C Sex call for female. Answer: Sex call for female.

What will be the body temperature of frog in the new environment? A C. D Fluctuates between C oC. Answer oC. A Asaris. Answer: Sea anemone. Andhra Pradesh Current Affairs. Arunachal Pradesh Current Affairs. Assam Current Affairs. Bihar Current Affairs. Chhattisgarh Current Affairs. Delhi Current Affairs. Goa Current Affairs. Gujarat Current Affairs.

Haryana Current Affairs. Himachal Pradesh Current Affairs. Jharkhand Current Affairs. Karnataka Current Affairs. Kerala Current Affairs. Madhya Pradesh Current Affairs. Maharashtra Current Affairs. Manipur Current Affairs. Meghalaya Current Affairs. Mizoram Current Affairs. Nagaland Current Affairs. Odisha Current Affairs. Puducherry Current Affairs. Punjab Current Affairs. Rajasthan Current Affairs. Sikkim Current Affairs.

Tamil Nadu Current Affairs. Telangana Current Affairs. Tripura Current Affairs. Uttarakhand Current Affairs.

Quiz questions and answers about animals for your next Zoom quiz

Question No : 2 Animals like annelids, arthropods, etc. Question No : 3 Which of the following is a fresh water sponge? Question No : 4 Few cnidarians like corals have a skeleton composed of. Question No : 5 Meandrina brain coral belongs to phylum. Question No : 7 Flame cells present in platyhelminthes, are specialized in. Explanation are given for understanding.

These short solved questions or quizzes are provided by Gkseries. View Answer. Current Affairs PDF. Daily Current Affairs February Daily Quiz February Current Affairs on Govt. Go To Download Page Close.

These animal trivia questions and answers will test how much you really know about the animal kingdom. DOWNLOAD PDF. Share your views in the comments​.

MCQ Questions on Animal Kingdom

This action cannot be undone. This will permanently delete All Practiced Questions. Which of the following characteristic features always holds true for the corresponding group of animals? Are you sure?

100+ Animal Trivia Questions

College Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF exam book to download is a revision guide with biology quiz questions and answers PDF on topics: Bioenergetics, biological molecules, cell biology, coordination and control, enzymes, fungi, recyclers kingdom, gaseous exchange, growth and development, kingdom animalia, kingdom plantae, kingdom prokaryotae, kingdom … Biology MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download. Image Source: c

Animals are one of the most important creatures of the world. They are divided into various species and still, there is a huge number of animals, which are to be discovered. Many animals are our pets while some are wildest. Some of them do not hurt, but some attack on the human beings.

Add some animal magic to your next virtual pub quiz with these animal questions answers included. Another week in lockdown, another round of virtual pub quizzes ready to be played across the nation. So far we've covered a bit of everything here at CambridgeshireLive, from movies , to famous franchises such as Disney , Harry Potter and Marvel , to science and nature , general knowledge and music. So we thought we'd channel our inner David Attenborough - the nation's now joint favourite sweetheart with Captain Tom Moore, to bring you a quiz on all things from the animal kingdom. From the smallest creepy crawlies to the largest of mammals, from the bottom of the deep blue sea all the way to the treetops of the Amazon - we've compiled a list of questions, and answers, to cover every corner of the animal world.

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