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Since Management by objectives MBO is a result-oriented process and focuses on setting and controlling goals, if encourages managers to do detailed planning.

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Management by Objectives (MBO)

Since Management by objectives MBO is a result-oriented process and focuses on setting and controlling goals, if encourages managers to do detailed planning. Both the manager and the subordinates know what is expected of them and hence there is no role ambiguity or confusion.

In addition, the responsibilities and authority of the personnel is clearly established. It makes individuals more aware of the company goals. Most often the subordinates are concerned with their own objectives and the environment surrounding them. But with MBO, the subordinates feel proud of being involved in the organizational goals. This improves their morale and commitment.

Management by objectives MBO often highlights the area in which the employees need further training, leading to career development. The system of periodic evaluation lets the subordinates know how well they are doing.

Since MBO puts strong emphasis on quantifiable objectives,the measurement and appraisal can be more objective, specific and equitable. It improves communication between management and subordinates. Management by Objectives MBO may be resented by subordinates. They may be under pressure to get along with the management when setting goals and objectives and these goals may be set unrealistically high.

This may lower their morale and they may become suspicious about the philosophy behind MBO. The emphasis in the MBO system is on quantifying the goals and objectives. It does not leave any ground for subjective goals. Some areas are difficult to quantify and even more difficult to evaluate.

Some managers may resist the program because of this increased paperwork. The emphasis is more on short-term goals. Since the goals are mostly quantitative in nature, it is difficult to do long-range planning because all the variables affecting the process of planning cannot be accurately forecast due to the constantly changing socio-economic and technological environment which affect the stability of goals. Most managers may not be sufficiently skilled in interpersonal interaction such as coaching and counseling, which is extensively required.

The integration of MBO system with other systems such as forecasting and budgeting etc. This makes the overall functioning of all systems mare difficult. Group goal achievement is more difficult.

When the goals of one deportment depend on the goals of another department, cohesion is more difficult to obtain. For example, the production department cannot produce a set quota if it is not sufficiently supplied with raw materials and personnel.

It is important to secure top management support and commitment. Without this commitment, MBO con never really be a success. The top managers and their subordinates should all consider themselves as players of the some team. This means that the superiors must be willing to relinquish and shore the necessary authority with subordinates.

These goals should be set with the participation of the subordinates. They must be properly communicated, clearly understood and accepted by all. MBO works best when goals are accepted. MBO should be on overall philosophy of management and the entire organization, rather than simply a divisional process or a performance appraisal technique. MBO is a major undertaking and should replace old systems rather than just being added to it. Felix M. Lopex has observed, when an organization is managed by objectives, it becomes performance oriented.

It grows and it develops and it becomes socially useful. The goals must be continuously reviewed and modified, as the changed conditions require. The review technique should be such that any deviations are caught early and corrected. All personnel involved should be given formal training in understanding the basics as well as the contents of the programme.

Such education should include as to how to set goals, the methods to achieve these goals, methods of reviews and evaluation of performance and provisions to include any feedback that may be given. Management by Objectives MBO system is a major undertaking based upon sound organizational and psychological principles. Hence it should be totally accepted as a style of managing and should be totally synthesized with the organizational climate.

All personnel involved must have a clear understanding of their role authority and their expectations. The system should be absorbed totally by all members of the organization. I am a mother of a lovely kid, and an avid fan technology, computing and management related topics. I hold a degree in MBA from well known management college in India.

After completing my post graduation I thought to start a website where I can share management related concepts with rest of the people. Management by objectives MBO can also be referred as Management by Results or Goal Management, and is based on the assumption that involvement leads to commitment and if an employee participates in goal setting as well as setting standards for measurement of performance towards that goal, then the employee will be motivated to perform better and in a manner that directly contributes to the achievement of organizational objectives.

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Management By Objectives (MBO)

Management by objectives MBO is now practiced around the world. Yet, despite its wide application, it is not always clear what is meant by MBO. Some still think of it as an appraisal tool, others see it as a motivational technique, still, others consider MBO a planning and control device. Management by objectives MBO is a comprehensive management system based on measurable and participative set objectives. MBO is now widely practiced all over the world. To some people, it is an appraisal tool; others consider it as a motivational technique, while others look upon it as an instrument of planning and control.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Management by objectives

The concept of MBO is very important in terms of its managerial implications. Besides being a philosophy of management, it is a system which helps in synchronizing the objectives of the individuals with the objectives of the organization. When implemented properly, systematically and consciously, the MBO has the following advantages:. MBO is basically a result oriented process. Its main focus is on setting and controlling goals.

MBO is the establishment of a management information system to compare actual performance and achievements to the defined objectives. MBO basically improves the motivation of an employee by setting a specific goal of their work. It also improves the commitment and allows for better communication between employee and management. This process also helps the organization members to see their accomplishments as they achieve each objective, which reinforce a positive and work-friendly environment. The process of management by objective focuses more on results rather than the activities involved.

What is Management by objectives (MBO)? Defined and Explained

This process allows managers to take work that needs to be done one step at a time to allow for a calm, yet productive work environment. This process also helps organization members to see their accomplishments as they achieve each objective, which reinforces a positive work environment and a sense of achievement.

Management by Objectives

A performance management system sets criteria for evaluating worker productivity and contributions. For example, a manufacturer might achieve its organizational objectives by requiring workers to produce a specific number of units per hour. For example, suppose a company wants its workers to be more productive. By implementing a performance management system, the company can divide workers into competent performers, under-performers and over-performers. Group membership is defined by objective criteria, such as items produced per hour, clarifying which workers need remedial training and which should receive bonuses.

Everything you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of management by objectives. MBO is not a panacea, a cure for all organisational problems. Quite often, many organisations look at MBO as an instant solution to their problems.

The managers define the objectives while formulating plans. When once goals are set up clearly, they act as incentives and standards for control purposes. It identifies the key result areas and make individuals who are in-charge of them responsible for the attainment of goals. Employees commit themselves to perform the work assigned to them as agreed and expected. They know their objectives clearly and also know how to move towards its achievements. Thus they need not wait for any instructions, directions, guidance from their superiors.

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Definition : Management By Objectives MBO is the process of setting achievable goals for the managers and employees at all the levels to be accomplished within a stipulated period. It streamlines the plan of action of the workforce and establishes their roles and responsibilities. MBO includes multiple components which constitute the organizational goals and vision. These elements are as follows:. Some may say that MBO is just about framing the business goals and objectives, but it is much more than that. Following features of MBO will broadly enlighten the above statement:.

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