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what is calibration and why is it important pdf

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In measurement technology and metrology , calibration is the comparison of measurement values delivered by a device under test with those of a calibration standard of known accuracy. Strictly speaking, the term "calibration" means just the act of comparison and does not include any subsequent adjustment.

What is calibration?

Measurement consists of comparison of samples of unknown composition with standards of known composition or with scales calibrated with respect to such standards. The standards used must simulate the unknowns with respect to matrix and level of analyte if the comparisons are to be valid. This paper reviews the fundamental aspects of calibration, describes various approaches that may be utilized, and considers the sources of error in the calibration process. The evaluation of calibration uncertainty and ways to minimize it are discussed. A general discussion of linear relationships as applied to calibration is presented.

Calibration of Measuring Sensors and Instruments

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characteristics that influence the measurement uncertainty for the intended use (​see ISO ). Why Are Calibrations Necessary? There.


There are three main reasons for having instruments calibrated: 1 To ensure readings from an instrument are consistent with other measurements. Is calibration required? Yes: Demonstrable control of measurement and test equipment is required.

Calibration Research: Where Do We Go from Here?

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Calibration defines the accuracy and quality of measurements recorded using a piece of equipment. Over time there is a tendency for results and accuracy to 'drift' particularly when using technologies or measuring parameters such as temperature and humidity.

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Here, we are talking about metrological calibration in the world of measurement technology.

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