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classical theory of income and employment in macroeconomics pdf

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Principles and Theories of Micro Economics. Definition and Explanation of Economics.

The Classical Theory of Employment and Output (Explained With Diagram)

In the Keynesian view, aggregate demand does not necessarily equal the productive capacity of the economy. Instead, it is influenced by a host of factors. According to Keynes, the productive capacity of the economy sometimes behaves erratically, affecting production, employment, and inflation. Keynesian economics developed during and after the Great Depression from the ideas presented by Keynes in his book, The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money. Interpreting Keynes's work is a contentious topic, and several schools of economic thought claim his legacy. Keynesian economics, as part of the neoclassical synthesis , served as the standard macroeconomic model in the developed nations during the later part of the Great Depression , World War II , and the post-war economic expansion —

Keynesian economics

It is due to slower growth of capital stock in the country. The entire labour force cannot be absorbed in productive employment, because there are not enough instruments of production to employ them. Occupations relating to agriculture, sugar mills, rice mills, ice factories and tourism are seasonal. In a growing and dynamic economy, in which some industries are declining and others are rising and in which people are free to work wherever they wish, some volume of frictional unemployment is bound to exist. This is so because it takes some time for the unemployed labour to learn new trades or to shift to new places, where there is a demand for labour. Thus, frictional unemployment exists when there is unsatisfied demand for labour, but the unemployed workers are either not fit for the jobs in question or not in the right place to meet this demand. It is due to deficiency of aggregate effective demand.

Say's Law. In other words, the economy is always capable of demanding all of the output that its workers and firms choose to produce. Hence, the economy is always capable of achieving the natural level of real GDP. The achievement of the natural level of real GDP is not as simple as Say's Law would seem to suggest. While it is true that the income obtained from producing a certain level of real GDP must be sufficient to purchase that level of real GDP, there is no guarantee that all of this income will be spent.

Keynesian economics

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mcq on theory of income and employment

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The basic contention of classical economists was that “given flexible wages and prices, a competitive market economy would operate at full employment. That is,​.

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The derivation of these assumptions is best shown with the aid of a circular flow of income diagram. (Figure ). J. Evans-Pritchard, Macroeconomics. © John​.

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Production function.

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