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magmatic sulfide deposits geology geochemistry and exploration pdf

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Maier Wolfgang D.

Magmatic Sulfide Deposits: Geology, Geochemistry and Exploration

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Very importantly, the book shows clearly how the study of ore-forming processes helps in mineral exploration. Overall, Magmatic sulfide deposits … is strongly recommended to professional economic geologists and any scientifically literate person who wants an introduction to the subject. Researchers and industrial professionals will find this volume indispensable …. Stephen Cribb, Materials World, June, This book is an enormously expanded and updated version of his original textbook on the subject ….

Magmatic sulfide deposits fall into two major groups when considered on the basis of the value of their contained metals, one group in which Ni, and, to a lesser extent, Cu, are the most valuable products and a second in which the PGE are the most important. The first group includes komatiite- both Archean and Paleoproterozoic , flood basalt-, ferropicrite-, and anorthosite complex-related deposits, a miscellaneous group related to high Mg basalts, Sudbury, which is the only example related to a meteorite impact melt, and a group of hitherto uneconomic deposits related to Ural-Alaskan—type intrusions. PGE deposits are mostly related to large intrusions comprising both an early MgO- and SiO 2 -rich magma and a later Al 2 O 3 -rich, tholeiitic magma, although several other intrusive types contain PGE in lesser, mostly uneconomic quantities. Most Ni-rich deposits occur in rocks ranging from the Late Archean to the Mesozoic. PGE deposits tend to predominate in Late Archean to Paleoproterozoic intrusions, although the limited number of occurrences casts doubt on the statistical validity of this observation. Factors governing this development include 1 the solubility of sulfur in silicate melts and how this varies as a function of partial mantle melting and subsequent fractional crystallization, 2 the partitioning of chalcophile metals between sulfide and silicate liquids, and how the results of this vary during mantle melting and subsequent crystallization and sulfide immiscibility degree of melting and crystallization, R factor and subsequent enrichment , 3 how effectively the sulfides become concentrated and the factors controlling this, and 4 processes that occur during the cooling of the sulfide liquid that govern aspects of exploration and mineral beneficiation. With regard to Voisey's Bay, quantitative modeling is consistent with the very low PGE concentrations in this deposit being the result of some sulfide having been left behind in the mantle during partial melting.

Buy now. Delivery included to Germany. Anthony Naldrett author eBook 14 Mar German. This title provides an overview of deposit types, accompanied by a summary of the resources of nickel, copper and platinum-group elements in the world's principal known deposits. The core of the book comprises a discussion about the geology and geochemistry of each of the deposit types in turn.

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preliminary deposit model: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report –, Sulfide geochemistry of magmatic Ni-Cu (±PGE) deposits (modified from production and are active exploration targets in the United States and elsewhere.

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He was an authority on the geology and origin of nickel - copper - platinum group element deposits, the tectonic setting in which they occur, the petrology of associated rocks, and controls on their composition. He was an expert on the reaction between sulfide and silicate melts, fractional crystallization of sulfide melts, and the role of hydrothermal fluids. Naldrett was born in England. Between and , he was a pilot in the Royal Air Force. In , he obtained a degree in geology from the University of Cambridge.

If you have any questions or unable to access these publications please contact us. Magmatic Sulfide Ore Deposits — Barnes et al. Sulfide-silicate textures in magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE sulfide ore deposits: Massive, semi-massive and sulfide-matrix breccia ores — Barnes et al. Use and calibration of portable X-Ray fluorescence analysers: application to lithogeochemical exploration for komatiite-hosted nickel sulphide deposits — Le Vaillant et al. Chromite in komatiites: 3D morphologies with implications for crystallization mechanisms — Godel et al.

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Geology, Geochemistry and Exploration. Authors: DRM-free; Included format: PDF; ebooks can be used on all reading devices Overall, Magmatic sulfide deposits is strongly recommended to (Mei-Fu Zhou, Economic Geology, ).

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Magmatic Sulfide Deposits. Geology, Geochemistry and Exploration Anthony J. Naldrett. Pages PDF · Deposits of the Pechenga area, Russia.

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