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linear search and binary search in data structure pdf

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In computer science, a binary search tree is an ordered data structure that is logically visualized as a tree with a single root node and has two children, one on its right side and the other on its left. These are known as the left child and right child. These children further make subtrees until they reach leaf nodes.

This chapter explores various searching techniques. The process of identifying or finding a particular record is called Searching. You often spend time in searching for any desired item.

Searching in Data Structure

Not even a single day pass, when we do not have to search for something in our day to day life, car keys, books, pen, mobile charger and what not. Same is the life of a computer, there is so much data stored in it, that whenever a user asks for some data, computer has to search it's memory to look for the data and make it available to the user.

And the computer has it's own techniques to search through it's memory fast, which you can learn more about in our Operating System tutorial series. Linear search is a very basic and simple search algorithm. In Linear search, we search an element or value in a given array by traversing the array from the starting, till the desired element or value is found. It compares the element to be searched with all the elements present in the array and when the element is matched successfully, it returns the index of the element in the array, else it return Linear Search is applied on unsorted or unordered lists, when there are fewer elements in a list.

We will implement the Linear Search algorithm in the next tutorial. Binary Search is used with sorted array or list. In binary search, we follow the following steps:. Binary Search is useful when there are large number of elements in an array and they are sorted. Made with by Abhishek Ahlawat. Ruby Servlet JSP. Operating System. Computer Architecture.

Jenkins Maven. Apache Cordova Drools. Studytonight available on:. Introduction to Searching Algorithms. Advanced Data Structures. What is Studytonight? All rights reserved.

Introduction to Searching Algorithms

Also Read- Linear Search. Binary Search Algorithm searches an element by comparing it with the middle most element of the array. This time complexity of binary search remains unchanged irrespective of the element position even if it is not present in the array. Watch this Video Lecture. Next Article- Selection Sort.

Searching Techniques

Linear search also referred to as sequential search is the simplest searching algorithm that searches for an element in a list in sequential order. It relies on the technique of traversing a list from start to end by exploring properties of all the elements that are found on the way. Linear sear is mostly very simple to implement and is practical when the list has only a few elements or when performing a single search in an un-ordered list list which the items are not sorted. Step 4- if both are not matched, then compare search element with the next element in the list. Step 5- Repeat steps 3 and 4 until search element is compared with last element in the list.

Linear search and binary search are the two methods which are used in arrays for searching the elements. Searching is a process of finding an element within the list of elements stored in any order or randomly.

Data Structure and Algorithms Linear Search

Search is a process of finding a value in a list of values. In other words, searching is the process of locating given value position in a list of values. Linear search algorithm finds a given element in a list of elements with O n time complexity where n is total number of elements in the list.

In computer science , a binary search tree BST , also called an ordered or sorted binary tree , is a rooted binary tree whose internal nodes each store a key greater than all the keys in the node's left subtree and less than those in its right subtree. A binary tree is a type of data structure for storing data such as numbers in an organized way. Binary search trees allow binary search for fast lookup, addition and removal of data items, and can be used to implement dynamic sets and lookup tables. The order of nodes in a BST means that each comparison skips about half of the remaining tree, so the whole lookup takes time proportional to the binary logarithm of the number of items stored in the tree.

Our Data Structure tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals. The data structure name indicates itself that organizing the data in memory. There are many ways of organizing the data in the memory as we have already seen one of the data structures, i. Array is a collection of memory elements in which data is stored sequentially, i. In other words, we can say that array stores the elements in a continuous manner.

Difference Between Linear Search and Binary Search

Binary Search

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10 Major Difference Between Linear Search And Binary Search (With Comparison Table)

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Binary Search Tree in C++


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Not even a single day pass, when we do not have to search for something in our day to day life, car keys, books, pen, mobile charger and what not.

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