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pdf agreement between chicago public schools and local 73 seiu

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Sign up for our weekly newsletter- the latest horror, humor, and hope around economic inequality in your inbox every Monday. Classes for around , Chicago Public School students were canceled on Thursday in anticipation of the strike, which follows months of tense contract negotiations. Teachers and school workers took to the picket lines at am CT ahead of a mass rally and march in the afternoon. And she ran to do that. Their case is unimpeachable.

Cook County Turns a Deaf Ear Toward Our Efforts to Improve Patient Care

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The October strike for education justice by the Chicago Teachers Union and Service Employees International Union Local 73 ended with a new agreement after 11 days on the picket line by more than 30, teachers and support staff. The five-year tentative agreement includes a deal to ensure that every school in the district hires a nurse and a social worker. It also adds support staff to schools, specifically homeless coordinators and special education case managers. The CTU strike in positioned public education unions as the vanguard of the labor movement and their actions led to the RedforEd movement and the recent wave of teacher strikes across the country. This teacher organizing — in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Arizona, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Denver, among others — has demonstrated that teachers have real power when they take collective action and fight for the schools all students deserve.

Getting vaccinated will help keep you from getting the COVID illness and may also protect people around you. The vaccine will be offered to all Chicagoans who want it as soon as larger quantities become available. Learn more at Chicago. BU 37 Illinois Nurses Assoc. BU 56 Teamsters Nurses Local BU 8 Teamsters Local BU 12 Operating Engineers Local

We represent more than workers, primarily in public service and publicly funded positions in school districts, municipalities, social.

Update on INA and SEIU Contract Negotiations

For the second time in seven years, Chicago Public Schools teachers will be on strike starting Thursday, walking out of class, they say, in the name of better schools. Gathered on the stage of the union hall on Wednesday, the Chicago Teachers Union said its delegates were in full support of moving forward with a strike. Delegates had already authorized the walkout and set a date so it would have taken a reversal to cancel the strike.

With the support of federal mediators, both teams exchanged numerous updated proposals. While we have made progress, we have not yet reached agreement on new contracts. We remain committed to these negotiations, and are prepared to continue extensive good-faith bargaining for as long as it takes to reach fair and fiscally responsible agreements with both unions.

The Chicago Public Schools strike was a labor dispute between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union which represents the school district's teachers and paraprofessional and school related personnel and the Service Employees International Union Local 73 which represents the district's support staff that lasted 14 days. The strike began on October 17, when both unions failed to reach a contract agreement with Chicago Public Schools over compensation, benefits, staffing, wrap-around services such as counselors, nurses, and librarians, and caps on class sizes. The district proposed a 1. The district accepted the report, but the union rejected it.


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SEIU Local 73 is the second largest union in CPS, representing 5, custodians, child welfare attendants CWA , watchmen, special education classroom assistants, children and family benefit liaisons, school bus aides, parent workers, security officers, security aides and PT security officers working in CPS. Contract highlights include:. CPS and UNITE HERE Local 1 announced an agreement on May 3 that included first time ever short term disability and maternity leave for members, as well as a five-year moratorium on the conversion of cooking kitchens to warming kitchens.

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However, ISBE and the Monitor have chosen to provide interim reports on a monthly basis in order to provide ongoing updates to outline the activities undertaken each month, report progress on the Corrective Action components, and provide general updates and projected activities.

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Agreement by and between the City of Chicago and SEIU Local 73 Effective: December 1, – November 30, View PDF Agreement by and between Bloom Township High School District and SEIU Local 73 [Cafeteria​.

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