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These new technologies allow major fuel savings and reduced emissions, but they change the performance requirements of positive displacement pumps and motors.

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A gear pump has a 75mm outside diameter, a 50mm inside diameter, and a 25mm width. If the actual pump flow at rpm and rated pressure is 0. The pump speed is rpm. A vane pump is to have a volumetric displacement of 5 cm 3. It has a rotor diameter of 2 cm, a cam ring diameter of 3 cm. What must be the eccentricity?

List various applications of hydraulic motor in fluid power. Discuss variousclassifications of hydraulic motor. Explain the construction and working of gear, vane and piston motors. Discuss the various types of limited-rotation motors. Explain various types of efficiency terms used in hydraulic motors. Evaluate the performance parameters of systems using motors.

Gear Pumps and Motors General Products Catalog

Displacement Machines Study different design principles and learn about the following topics Axial piston pump design solutions swash plate and bent axis Radial piston pumps and motors piston support Gear Pumps internal and external axial and radial gap compensation Vane pumps advantage and disadvantage of this design Please study the appropriate chapters in Ivantysyn, J. Akademia Books International. New Dehli. Monika Ivantysynova. Bent axis axial piston pumps Synchronization of cylinder block Driving flange Cylinder block Using a bevel gear. Assuming a fixed connection between link 2 and link 4, achieved by synchronization the mechanism has finally three mechanism has finally two degrees degrees of freedom of freedom Piston can rotate about z -axis and 3.

For all axial piston machines,the valve plate functions as an essential determinant of performance. Theaim of this research is to develop a design methodology generalizable to alltypes of valve plates while remaining accessible to users without advancedtechnical knowledge. The proposed design methodology is organized to fit theform of the standardized optimization problem statement. This organizationenables the use of any modern optimization algorithm. Specifically, the designmethodology utilizes a previously developed computer model, which is basedon the main physical phenomena influencing the design of flow passagesfrom the pump port to the displacement chambers and vice versa. The chosendesign methodology allows the precise optimization of the valve plate designby simulations rather than expensive trial and error processes. A recent casestudy demonstrated the strong positive correlation between application of themethodology and improved performance of the valve plate design.

Proven reliability with over 45 years of experience in gear product design for mobile and industrial applications. System pressures to psi bar and speeds to 10, rpm allow high performance in system design. Pressure balanced design for high efficiency and long life. Low cost design and manufacturing for the requirements of fixed displacement systems. All rights reserved. Contents subject to change. Information contained herein should be confirmed before placing orders.

Authors: Monika Ivantysynova at Purdue University Download full-text PDF ยท Read full-text Simplified hydraulic circuit of a displacement controlled excavator rection for pump and motor design need to address the.

Hydrostatic Pumps and Motors

I am very happy to report that the site visit team was thoroughly impressed with our work to date and decided to renew funding for our center. I would like to extend my thanks to all ERC researchers. The Center is strongly supported by 60 industrial partners including the National Fluid Power Association. The team is concentrating on the development of new system solutions including controls for off-road machinery and power trains.

Monika Ivantysynova's Publications

2009 Annual Report. Monika Ivantysynova Maha Professor of Fluid Power Systems

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Hollywood, California, USA. October 12โ€”14, This study is a part of a larger research project to predict noise sources of hydrostatic transmissions and investigating new methods for designing quieter systems. The aim of this study is to validate the developed model describing pump dynamics coupled with effects of a connecting line, thus validating a coupled pump-motor-line model for hydrostatic transmissions.

Computational Valve Plate Design in Axial Piston Pumps/Motors

Huhtala discussed the strength and weakness of some existing models for hydraulic piston machines and unfortunately concluded that any model is not accurate enough for wide operating ranges. As an effort to develop an accurate model applicable for wide operating range, Jeong proposed a performance coefficient model for a hydraulic axial piston motor of swash plate design, which is given by the physical dimensions. In this paper, validity of the new performance model is addressed through experimental analysis. Estimation process for model parameters is established and then performance decision parameters are estimated from efficiency measurement data for a test motor. As the result, maximum and average efficiency estimation error over wide operating ranges of speed โ€” RPM and pressure 20โ€” bar are just 2.


Sponsor: Confidential 3. Statement of Project Goals The goal of this project is to help transform the design of hydraulic pumps and motors from a cumbersome task, requiring significant trial-and-error testing, to a modern approach driven by numerical simulation and digital prototyping.


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