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mirrors prisms and lenses a textbook of geometrical optics pdf

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These solutions for Geometrical Optics are extremely popular among Class 12 Science students for Physics Geometrical Optics Solutions come handy for quickly completing your homework and preparing for exams.

Geometrical optics , or ray optics , is a model of optics that describes light propagation in terms of rays. The ray in geometric optics is an abstraction useful for approximating the paths along which light propagates under certain circumstances.

This textbook provides a sound foundation in physical optics by covering key concepts in a rigorous but accessible manner. Propagation of electromagnetic waves is examined from multiple perspectives, with explanation of which viewpoints and methods are best suited to different situations. After an introduction to the theory of electromagnetism, reflection, refraction, and dispersion, topics such as geometrical optics, interference, diffraction, coherence, laser beams, polarization, crystallography, and anisotropy are closely examined. Optical elements, including lenses, mirrors, prisms, classical and Fabry-Perot interferometers, resonant cavities, multilayer dielectric structures, interference and spatial filters, diffraction gratings, polarizers, and birefringent plates, are treated in depth. The coverage also encompasses such seldom-covered topics as modeling of general astigmatism via 4x4 matrices, FFT-based numerical methods, and bianisotropy, with a relativistic treatment of optical activity and the Faraday and Fresnel-Fizeau effects.

25: Geometric Optics

What is the name of the optical effect? Diffusion by reflection from a rough surface is described in this chapter. Light can also be diffused by refraction. Describe how this occurs in a specific situation, such as light interacting with crushed ice. Why is the index of refraction always greater than or equal to 1?

Does the fact that the light flash from lightning reaches you before its sound prove that the speed of light is extremely large or simply that it is greater than the speed of sound? Discuss how you could use this effect to get an estimate of the speed of light. Will light change direction toward or away from the perpendicular when it goes from air to water?

Water to glass? Glass to air? Explain why an object in water always appears to be at a depth shallower than it actually is? Why do people sometimes sustain neck and spinal injuries when diving into unfamiliar ponds or waters? Justify your explanation with a ray diagram showing the path of rays from the feet to the eye of an observer who is out of the water. Why is the front surface of a thermometer curved as shown?

The curved surface of the thermometer serves a purpose. A ring with a colorless gemstone is dropped into water. The gemstone becomes invisible when submerged. Can it be a diamond? A high-quality diamond may be quite clear and colorless, transmitting all visible wavelengths with little absorption. Explain how it can sparkle with flashes of brilliant color when illuminated by white light. Is it possible that total internal reflection plays a role in rainbows?

Explain in terms of indices of refraction and angles, perhaps referring to the figure. Some of us have seen the formation of a double rainbow. Is it physically possible to observe a triple rainbow?

Double rainbows are not a very common observance. The most common type of mirage is an illusion that light from faraway objects is reflected by a pool of water that is not really there. Mirages are generally observed in deserts, when there is a hot layer of air near the ground. Given that the refractive index of air is lower for air at higher temperatures, explain how mirages can be formed. It can be argued that a flat piece of glass, such as in a window, is like a lens with an infinite focal length.

If so, where does it form an image? You can often see a reflection when looking at a sheet of glass, particularly if it is darker on the other side. Explain why you can often see a double image in such circumstances. When you focus a camera, you adjust the distance of the lens from the film.

If the camera lens acts like a thin lens, why can it not be a fixed distance from the film for both near and distant objects? A thin lens has two focal points, one on either side, at equal distances from its center, and should behave the same for light entering from either side.

Look through your eyeglasses or those of a friend backward and forward and comment on whether they are thin lenses. Will the focal length of a lens change when it is submerged in water? What are the differences between real and virtual images? How can you tell by looking whether an image formed by a single lens or mirror is real or virtual?

Can you see a virtual image? Can you photograph one? Can one be projected onto a screen with additional lenses or mirrors? Explain your responses.

Is it necessary to project a real image onto a screen for it to exist? Under what circumstances will an image be located at the focal point of a lens or mirror? What is meant by a negative magnification? What is meant by a magnification that is less than 1 in magnitude? Can a case 1 image be larger than the object even though its magnification is always negative? The figure shows a light bulb between two mirrors. One mirror produces a beam of light with parallel rays; the other keeps light from escaping without being put into the beam.

Where is the filament of the light in relation to the focal point or radius of curvature of each mirror? Devise an arrangement of mirrors allowing you to see the back of your head. What is the minimum number of mirrors needed for this task?

If you wish to see your entire body in a flat mirror from head to toe , how tall should the mirror be? Does its size depend upon your distance away from the mirror? Provide a sketch. It can be argued that a flat mirror has an infinite focal length. Why are diverging mirrors often used for rear-view mirrors in vehicles? What is the main disadvantage of using such a mirror compared with a flat one?

Suppose a man stands in front of a mirror as shown in the figure. His eyes are 1. Find the height above the floor of the top and bottom of the smallest mirror in which he can see both the top of his head and his feet. A full-length mirror is one in which you can see all of yourself. It need not be as big as you, and its size is independent of your distance from it. Show that when light reflects from two mirrors that meet each other at a right angle, the outgoing ray is parallel to the incoming ray, as illustrated in the following figure.

A corner reflector sends the reflected ray back in a direction parallel to the incident ray, independent of incoming direction. Light shows staged with lasers use moving mirrors to swing beams and create colorful effects. A flat mirror is neither converging nor diverging.

A flat mirror neither converges nor diverges light rays. Two rays continue to diverge at the same angle after reflection. What is the speed of light in water? In glycerine? What is the speed of light in air? In crown glass? There was a major collision of an asteroid with the Moon in medieval times.

It was described by monks at Canterbury Cathedral in England as a red glow on and around the Moon. A scuba diver training in a pool looks at his instructor as shown in the figure. A scuba diver in a pool and his trainer look at each other. What time in nanoseconds is required for a signal to travel 0. Assume the diver and the diver's image are the same horizontal distance from the normal. Suppose you have an unknown clear substance immersed in water, and you wish to identify it by finding its index of refraction.

What is the index of refraction of the substance and its likely identity? The distance to the Moon is calculated from the round-trip time. Suppose Figure 6 represents a ray of light going from air through crown glass into water, such as going into a fish tank. The figure shows a ray of light passing from one medium into a second and then a third. A ray of light passes from one medium to a third by traveling through a second.

Solution a 0. Taking the boundary between nearly empty space and the atmosphere to be sudden, calculate the angle of refraction for sunlight. This lengthens the time the Sun appears to be above the horizon, both at sunrise and sunset. Now construct a problem in which you determine the angle of refraction for different models of the atmosphere, such as various layers of varying density. Your instructor may wish to guide you on the level of complexity to consider and on how the index of refraction varies with air density.

Verify this. An optical fiber uses flint glass clad with crown glass. What is the critical angle? At what minimum angle will you get total internal reflection of light traveling in water and reflected from ice? Suppose you are using total internal reflection to make an efficient corner reflector. You can determine the index of refraction of a substance by determining its critical angle. What is the substance, based on this link. A ray of light, emitted beneath the surface of an unknown liquid with air above it, undergoes total internal reflection as shown in the figure.

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Geometrical optics describes light propagation in terms of rays, which is useful in approximating the paths along which light propagates in certain classes of circumstances. Geometrical optics does not account for certain optical effects such as diffraction and interference. When light interacts with smaller objects, it has very prominent wave characteristics, such as constructive and destructive interference. The part of optics dealing with the ray aspect of light is called geometric optics. Light can travel in three ways from a source to another location: 1 directly from the source through empty space; 2 through various media; 3 after being reflected from a mirror.

Geometric Optics by J. Description : Reflection and refraction at a plane surface, the rainbow, differential form of Snell's law, lens and mirror calculations, designing an achromatic doublet, introduction to optical instruments, the camera, the telescope, the microscope, etc. Home page url. Geometrical Optics by A. Percival - Longmans, Green, and Co. This book is primarily intended for medical students as a textbook on the subject of Geometrical Optics for their preliminary scientific examinations, though it practically contains all the Optics required by an ophthalmic surgeon.

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Geometrical optics reviewed: A new light on an old subject Abstract: The traditional view of geometrical optics as the ray-tracing procedure for the design of mirror, prism, and lens systems of uniform optical components, has become enlarged in recent years. This has been brought about by the applications of electromagnetic systems at ever decreasing wavelengths on the one hand, and by new optical components, such as optical fibers and integrated optical elements, on the other. The range of geometrical optics now includes such concepts as optics-in-the-large, wide-angle and aspheric designs, geodesic optics, and the optics of nonuniform media.

Physical Optics

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What is the name of the optical effect? Diffusion by reflection from a rough surface is described in this chapter. Light can also be diffused by refraction. Describe how this occurs in a specific situation, such as light interacting with crushed ice. Why is the index of refraction always greater than or equal to 1?

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