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The volume offers a comprehensive survey of the philosophical enterprise in Africa, especially with reference to current discourses, arguments and new issues—feminism and gender, terrorism and fundamentalism, sexuality, development, identity, pedagogy and multidisciplinarity, etc. Adeshina Afolayan holds a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Philosophy in Africa and the African Diaspora

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African philosophy: myth and reality

How African are the so-called African Studies? The study of Africa, as developed so far by a long intellectual tradition, is part of an overall project of knowledge accumulation initiated and controlled by the West. This article advocates an active, lucid, responsible appropriation by African societies themselves of the knowledge capitalised over centuries about them. It advocates more generally the development in Africa of an autonomous, self-reliant tradition of research and knowledge that addresses problems and issues directly or indirectly posed by Africans. It invites a new orientation and new ambitions for research by Africans in Africa. By African Studies we usually mean not just one discipline but the whole range of disciplines that take Africa as a subject of study.

This part of the book focuses on the philosophy in Africa and African Diaspora. The text here states that Africana philosophy is broadly conceived to encompass African, Afro-Caribbean, and African American philosophy. It is a species of Africana intellectual thought. It has been argued that Africana philosophy developed in response to the false universalism of Western philosophy. This part of the book aims to provide a broad introduction to a significant area of African philosophy. Africana philosophy is broadly conceived to encompass African, Afro-Caribbean, and African American philosophy. Africana philosophy can be seen as a species of Africana intellectual thought.

African philosophy: myth and reality

Journal of the American Musicological Society 1 October ; 48 3 : — Three decades and a sizable body of empirical research later, it is easy to see that an overriding ideology of difference between "Africa" and the "West" motivated these early efforts. This essay reinvents "African rhythm" not by denying its own ideological construction but by engaging in an imaginary dialogue with earlier researchers in an effort to concretize that which was missing from their representations. In it, I develop a view of African rhythm in which its mechanical aspects grouping, accents, periodicity are shown to reside in broader patterns of temporal signification movement, language and gesture.

Hountondji was born in the Ivory Coast, and received his Higher Education in Paris, where he was a pupil of Althusser in the middle s. He argues, therefore, that — paradoxically — it is only by adopting and adapting European philosophical traditions that Africans can acquire real intellectual independence. The Radical Philosophy editorial collective is grateful to Hutchinson Education for permission to reprint this extract.

African philosophy: myth and reality

The idea of African epistemology just like the larger discourse of African philosophy especially in its early beginnings still faces some challenges. One of the challenges centers on the proper meaning and adequacy of the idea. No doubt this difficulty has instigated some misgivings about the discourse prompting some philosophers to either reject it outright or accept it with reservations. I believe that part of the misgivings of African epistemology borders on the meaning ascribed to it by the advocates of the concept which is fluid and inappropriate with the present realities of Africans in their interaction with the rest of the world. Part of our business in this paper is to dispel this unfortunate attitude and perception towards African epistemology through a careful reconstruction and delineation of the meaning and nature of African epistemology in a way that accords with the true situation of Africans and as such reflects their correct ontological and epistemological conceptualization. This is buttressed by some insights drawn from Igbo traditional thought system which in all intents and purposes chimes with other epistemological systems elsewhere.

Theory and History of Ontology by Raul Corazzon e-mail: rc ontology. Ontology - Mirror Website. Abimbola, Wande. Paris: Editions L'Harmattan. Ara the body refers to the set of physical elements.

2 Sanya Osha, 'Legacies of a Critique of Ethnophilosophy: Hountondji's African Philosophy: Myth & Reality Revisited' Quest: An African Journal of Philosophy/.

African Philosophy, Myth and Reality

Hountondji's deep understanding of any civilization as necessarily pluralistic, and often even self-contradicting as it evolves, is simply magisterial This is a precious gem of a book for anyone who wishes to reflect on civilization and culture. In this incisive, original exploration of the nature and future of African philosophy, Paulin J. Hountondji attacks a myth popularized by ethnophilosophers such as Placide Tempels and Alexis Kagame that there is an indigenous, collective African philosophy separate and distinct from the Western philosophical tradition. Hountondji contends that ideological manifestations of this view that stress the uniqueness of the African experience are protonationalist reactions against colonialism conducted, paradoxically, in the terms of colonialist discourse.

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African Philosophy, Second Edition: Myth and Reality

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