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We were introduced to hyperbolic functions in Introduction to Functions and Graphs , along with some of their basic properties. In this section, we look at differentiation and integration formulas for the hyperbolic functions and their inverses.

In mathematics , hyperbolic functions are analogues of the ordinary trigonometric functions , but defined using the hyperbola rather than the circle. Just as the points cos t , sin t form a circle with a unit radius , the points cosh t , sinh t form the right half of the unit hyperbola.

In mathematics , the inverse hyperbolic functions are the inverse functions of the hyperbolic functions. For a given value of a hyperbolic function, the corresponding inverse hyperbolic function provides the corresponding hyperbolic angle. Some authors have called inverse hyperbolic functions " area functions " to realize the hyperbolic angles. Hyperbolic functions occur in the calculations of angles and distances in hyperbolic geometry.

Table of Domain and Range of Common Functions

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Introduction To Functions Answer Key

We study extension of -trigonometric functions and and of -hyperbolic functions and to complex domain. Our aim is to answer the question under what conditions on these functions satisfy well-known relations for usual trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, such as, for example,. In particular, we prove in the paper that for the -trigonometric and -hyperbolic functions satisfy very analogous relations as their classical counterparts. Our methods are based on the theory of differential equations in the complex domain using the Maclaurin series for -trigonometric and -hyperbolic functions. The -trigonometric functions are generalizations of regular trigonometric functions sine and cosine and arise from the study of the eigenvalue problem for the one-dimensional -Laplacian. In recent years, the -trigonometric functions were intensively studied from various points of views by many researchers; see, for example, monograph [ 1 ] for systematic survey and further references.

The hyperbolic functions are functions that have many applications to mathematics, physics, and engineering. Among many other applications, they are used to describe the formation of satellite rings around planets, to describe the shape of a rope hanging from two points, and have application to the theory of special relativity. This section defines the hyperbolic functions and describes many of their properties, especially their usefulness to calculus. The following example explores some of the properties of these functions that bear remarkable resemblance to the properties of their trigonometric counterparts. The following Key Idea summarizes many of the important identities relating to hyperbolic functions. Evaluate the following derivatives and integrals.

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Inverse hyperbolic functions

The inverse hyperbolic functions, sometimes also called the area hyperbolic functions Spanier and Oldham , p. They are denoted , , , , , and. Variants of these notations beginning with a capital letter are commonly used to denote their principal values e.

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Domain and Range of Trigonometric Functions

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Hyperbolic functionsThe Hyperbolic functions have similar names to the trigonmetric functions , but they are definedin terms of the exponential function.

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The hyperbolic functions appear with some frequency in applications, and are quite similar in many respects to the trigonometric functions.

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Similarly, we may define hyperbolic functions coshα and sinhα from the “unit hy- perbola” Note that the domains of sinh, cosh, tanh, and sech are (−∞,∞) and the domains of y. The domains and ranges are summarized in the next table: 6​.

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