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different types of resistors and their uses pdf

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An ohm is an ohm, right?

Types of Resistors. The two main characteristics of a resistor are its resistance, R, in ohms and its power rating, P, in Watts. The resistance, R, provides the required reduction in current or the desired drop in voltage. The wattage rating indicates the amount of power the resistor can safely dissipate as. To calculate the color code of the above 4 band resistor, the 4-band resistors consist of colors: yellow, violet, orange, and silver.

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As the name implies, the resistance of the variable resistor is changeable. It is easy to vary or change the resistance of a variable resistor to a desired value. Variable resistors are mostly used when the user do not know what exact resistance value does he want. The process of limiting or restricting the electric current to a certain level is called resistance. The device, which is used to restrict the flow of electric current to certain level, is called resistor. The device, which not only restricts the flow of electric current but also control increase and decrease the flow of electric current is called variable resistor.

Resistor & Types of Resistors | Fixed, Variable, Linear & Non-Linear

The main function of a resistor within an electrical or electronic circuit is to oppose or resist the flow of current, hence named as resistor. A fixed resistor is one for which the value of its resistance is specified or fixed and cannot be varied in general. Their resistive element is manufactured from a mixture of finely ground carbon dust or graphite similar to pencil lead and a non-conducting ceramic clay powder to bind it all together. The ratio of carbon dust to ceramic i. The mixture is then moulded into a cylindrical shape with metal wires or leads attached to each end to provide the electrical connection. Then finally it is coated with an outer insulating material and colour coded markings to denote its resistive value. They are much more accurate in value than carbon film resistors.

Resistors. Topics Covered in Chapter 2. Types of Resistors. Resistor Color Coding. Variable resistance, R, in ohms and its power rating, P, in Watts. applications with low resistance size but different resistance values.

Different Types of Resistors and its Applications

The resistor is a passive two terminal electrical components, that are used in most of the circuits. The resistors act as the lower voltage levels within the circuit and it is also used for reducing the current. The high power resistors can drive may watts of electrical power like heat. It is used for the motor controls in power distribution system. By using the temperature, time, and operating voltage can change the resistance of a fixed resistance.

There is a broad range of resistors. In order to know the position of ROHM's resistors, we have attempted to classify not only based on the general materials used, but also in terms of the shape, integration level, and functions. This is the classification based on the functions of the resistors. The classification is made as fixed resistors and variable resistors, and, normally, the word "resistor" implies a fixed resistor.

The property of a substance which opposes the flow of electric current or electricity through it is called Resistance OR Resistance is the ability of a circuit which opposes current. Mica, Glass, Rubber, Wood etc. Ohm is the measurement quantity of resistance, which produces one joule of energy in the form of heat in one second, when one ampere of current is flowing through it. The reciprocal of the resistance is called conductance. A resistor is a component or device designed to have a known value of resistance.

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Resistors: Types And Applications

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