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Ecology Environmental Science and Conservation

ESE aims to establish an influential communication platform for scientists and engineers, policymakers, stakeholders, and professionals from academia and industry. ESE acknowledges the interdisciplinary nature of scientific research in environmental science and technology. It is specifically interested in frontier researches and transdisciplinary topics, including global change ecology, environmental science, environmental technology, and ecological technology.

ESE is an open-access journal. Authors who publish in ESE will be able to make their work immediately, permanently, and freely accessible. ESE authors will have a choice of license options and retain copyright to their published work. Your Paper Your Way We now differentiate between the requirements for new and revised submissions. You may choose to submit your manuscript as a single Word or PDF file to be used in the refereeing process.

Only when your paper is at the revision stage, will you be requested to put your paper in to a 'correct format' for acceptance and provide the items required for the publication of your article. To find out more, please visit the Preparation section below. Types of article 1. These focus attention on news, policies, opinions, contemporary important issues, and are designed to stimulate debate and discussion.

Original Research Articles are up-to-date, original papers that present developments in the field of environmental science and ecotechnology. Informative abstracts are required, and articles must be fully referenced. Criteria for publication are weighted toward scientific quality and environmental significance.

The manuscript will be evaluated on the basis of its conciseness, clarity, and presentation. The work will be assessed according to its originality, scientific merit, and experimental design. Poorly written manuscripts will be returned to the authors with a request to improve the quality of the paper prior to peer review.

A text length excluding references of approximately words is advised, and brevity is encouraged. Perspectives are short papers addressing a key, often emerging, research area. They should balance the personal view of the author and a reasoned discussion of recent results of great importance.

While they often examine the evolution of the field, they are not meant as a mini review, but as a scholarly discussion that helps to identify new trends and developments in a given field. Perspective manuscripts should contain no more than words, up to three figures, and 60 references. Short Correspondence is a forum for readers' reactions on brief insight into any subject concerning environment and ecology.

A short correspondence is not peer-reviewed and so should not contain primary research data. A short correspondence should contain no longer than words with no more than five references and without any figures or tables.

The maximum number of the authors of a short correspondence is four. It is submitted via e-mail to ese chinacses.

Authors' names, postal and e-mail address, and current telephone contact information should be supplied in submissions. If you are not able to submit your paper electronically, please contact the ESE Editorial Office ese chinacses. Submission checklist You can use this list to carry out a final check of your submission before you send it to the journal for review.

Please check the relevant section in this Guide for Authors for more details. Ethics in publishing Please see our information pages on Ethics in publishing and Ethical guidelines for journal publication.

Declaration of competing interest All authors must disclose any financial and personal relationships with other people or organizations that could inappropriately influence bias their work. Note: Please do not convert the. Author signatures are not required. If there are no interests to declare, please choose the first option in the template.

This statement will be published within the article if accepted. More information. Submission declaration and verification Submission of an article implies that the work described has not been published previously except in the form of an abstract, a published lecture or academic thesis, see ' Multiple, redundant or concurrent publication ' for more information , that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, that its publication is approved by all authors and tacitly or explicitly by the responsible authorities where the work was carried out, and that, if accepted, it will not be published elsewhere in the same form, in English or in any other language, including electronically without the written consent of the copyright-holder.

To verify originality, your article may be checked by the originality detection service Crossref Similarity Check. Preprints Please note that preprints can be shared anywhere at any time, in line with Elsevier's sharing policy. Sharing your preprints e. Use of inclusive language Inclusive language acknowledges diversity, conveys respect to all people, is sensitive to differences, and promotes equal opportunities. Content should make no assumptions about the beliefs or commitments of any reader; contain nothing which might imply that one individual is superior to another on the grounds of age, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, disability or health condition; and use inclusive language throughout.

These guidelines are meant as a point of reference to help identify appropriate language but are by no means exhaustive or definitive. Changes to authorship Authors are expected to consider carefully the list and order of authors before submitting their manuscript and provide the definitive list of authors at the time of the original submission. Any controversial response by any coauthor may lead to reconsideration of the manuscript by the editorial office.

Any addition, deletion or rearrangement of author names in the authorship list should be made only before the manuscript has been accepted and only if approved by the editor. To request such a change, the Editor must receive the following from the corresponding author : a the reason for the change in author list and b written confirmation e-mail, letter from all authors that they agree with the addition, removal or rearrangement. In the case of addition or removal of authors, this includes confirmation from the author being added or removed.

Copyright Upon acceptance of an article, authors will be asked to complete an 'Exclusive License Agreement' see more information on this. Permitted third party reuse of open access articles is determined by the author's choice of user license. If the funding source s had no such involvement then this should be stated. Open access Please visit our Open Access page for more information. Elsevier Researcher Academy Researcher Academy is a free e-learning platform designed to support early and mid-career researchers throughout their research journey.

The "Learn" environment at Researcher Academy offers several interactive modules, webinars, downloadable guides and resources to guide you through the process of writing for research and going through peer review. Feel free to use these free resources to improve your submission and navigate the publication process with ease. Language usage and editing services Please write your text in good English American or British usage is accepted, but not a mixture of these.

Authors who feel their English language manuscript may require editing to eliminate possible grammatical or spelling errors and to conform to correct scientific English may wish to use the English Language Editing service available from Elsevier's Author Services. Submission Our online submission system guides you stepwise through the process of entering your article details and uploading your files. The system converts your article files to a single PDF file used in the peer-review process.

Editable files e. All correspondence, including notification of the Editor's decision and requests for revision, is sent by e-mail. Referees Please submit the names and institutional e-mail addresses of several potential referees. For more details, visit our Support site. Note that the editor retains the sole right to decide whether or not the suggested reviewers are used.

Suggested reviewers must be supplied with complete contact details and e-mail addresses. Reviewers should be knowledgeable of the research area and must not have a conflict of interest. Do not list collaborators, colleagues, researchers at your institution, former advisors, or advisees. Additional information Authors are required to submit a cover letter with each new submission to the journal. This cover letter should acknowledge that the author has consulted the Guide for Authors in preparing his or her submitted manuscript.

The author must also confirm that he or she has prepared the manuscript in compliance with the Ethics in Publishing Policy as described in the Guide for Authors. The system automatically converts your files to a single PDF file, which is used in the peer-review process.

As part of the Your Paper Your Way service, you may choose to submit your manuscript as a single file to be used in the refereeing process. This can be a PDF file or a Word document, in any format or lay-out that can be used by referees to evaluate your manuscript. It should contain high enough quality figures for refereeing. If you prefer to do so, you may still provide all or some of the source files at the initial submission.

Please note that individual figure files larger than 10 MB must be uploaded separately. Rejected Submissions: If authors of rejected submissions wish to resubmit, they must contact the handling editor for permission. The contact should be accompanied by request for resubmission, an explanation of why this work is worth reconsideration, and detailed response to the previous reviewers. A resubmission without the handling editor's permission will be rejected without review.

References There are no strict requirements on reference formatting at submission. References can be in any style or format as long as the style is consistent. Use of DOI is highly encouraged. The reference style used by the journal will be applied to the accepted article by Elsevier at the proof stage. Note that missing data will be highlighted at proof stage for the author to correct.

Formatting Requirements There are no strict formatting requirements but all manuscripts must contain the essential elements needed to convey your manuscript, for example Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Conclusions, Artwork and Tables with Captions. Divide the article into clearly defined sections. Figures and tables embedded in text Please ensure the figures and the tables included in the single file are placed next to the relevant text in the manuscript, rather than at the bottom or the top of the file.

The corresponding caption should be placed directly below the figure or table. Peer review This journal operates a single anonymized review process. All contributions will be initially assessed by the editor for suitability for the journal. Papers deemed suitable are then typically sent to a minimum of two independent expert reviewers to assess the scientific quality of the paper.

The Editor is responsible for the final decision regarding acceptance or rejection of articles. The Editor's decision is final. Editors are not involved in decisions about papers which they have written themselves or have been written by family members or colleagues or which relate to products or services in which the editor has an interest.

Any such submission is subject to all of the journal's usual procedures, with peer review handled independently of the relevant editor and their research groups. More information on types of peer review.

Chapter 1 ~ Ecosystems and Humans

Ecology is an environmental science in its most literal sense - the study of environments and the entities within it. Although closely associated with environmentalism and conservation today, it does not necessarily follow; an ecology can also be human gut flora, how the elements of an urban environment function and the ecology of soil nutrient cycles. That essentially defines what it is - the study of relationships between those who occupy a home. Ecology studies organic life, examining such elements as spatial distribution local or general abundance and their relationship with the environment. It's considered a form of environmentalism and it is usually associated with these sciences, but it also includes aspects of biology, botany , zoology , genetics , bacteriology, chemistry and physics. Ecology is about biodiversity in a given environment.

Welcome to the Journal

Environmental studies, a term first coined by George Perkins Marsh in his book Man and Nature , is a multidisciplinary academic field which systematically studies human interaction with the environment. It is a broad field of study that includes the natural environment , the built environment , and the relationship between them. The field encompasses study in basic principles of ecology and environmental science, as well as associated subjects such as ethics , geography , anthropology , policy , politics , urban planning , law , economics , philosophy , sociology and social justice , planning , pollution control and natural resource management. Environmental Studies degree programs provide a wide range of skills and analytical tools needed to face the environmental issues of our world head on.

Index Copernicus value ICV Survival of each species depends on its interaction with the surrounding environment and the ecology. Understanding the ever changing environmental and ecological conditions is of prime importance. The journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences deals with publishing scientific information on ecological and environmental aspects. This journal is an authentic information source catering the readers with the latest trends in these important subjects.

ESE aims to establish an influential communication platform for scientists and engineers, policymakers, stakeholders, and professionals from academia and industry.

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Worksheet 1. Lesson 3 Degradation of Natural Environment Part 1. Lesson 4 Principles of Ecology Part 1. Lesson 4 Principles of Ecology Part 2. Lesson 6 Natural Ecosystem Part

Ecosystems are dynamically interacting systems of organisms , the communities they make up, and the non-living components of their environment. Ecosystem processes, such as primary production , pedogenesis , nutrient cycling , and niche construction , regulate the flux of energy and matter through an environment. These processes are sustained by organisms with specific life history traits. Ecology is not synonymous with environmentalism or strictly natural history. Ecology overlaps with the closely related sciences of evolutionary biology , genetics , and ethology. An important focus for ecologists is to improve the understanding of how biodiversity affects ecological function. Ecologists seek to explain:.

This journal offers a discipline-spanning forum for investigating shortages of natural resources, impacts on ecosystems and deterioration of the natural environment. Its coverage is focused on approaches that integrate considerations of energy, ecology and environment and that utilize its cross disciplinary integration to function as a needed counterbalance to the dominant economic approach.

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