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The African Peace and Security Architecture

Indeed, these visits to a continent that is composed of a diverse group of 54 countries with different challenges on the one hand, and plenty of opportunities on the other, reflect the growing attention towards Africa. Perhaps more importantly, they signal a changing posture, which is characterised by not merely talking about Africa, but by intentionally talking with Africa as a partner of equal standing. While migration to Europe seems to continue to be the main driver in the cooperation with various African countries, economic development and improvement of business conditions have become key features of German Africa policy. Private investments and better trade relations between African countries and the European Union can stimulate economic growth and revive the labour market, while development cooperation can help promote a business-friendly environment. Creating job perspectives for the young generation is vital in mitigating migration and keeping the much-needed innovative and intellectual potential in the African countries. Yet the question remains to what extent APSA and the support it receives from Germany are adequately positioned to respond to current and future threats on the African continent, especially in terms of conflict resolution and preventive action. The African countries have made great progress in reducing the number of violent conflicts since the end of the Cold War, despite a slight increase in more recent times.

4. Pillars of Africa’s Peace and Security Architecture: The African Standby Force

This article focuses on the establishment of the Panel of the Wise in the African Union peace and security architecture. It examines the basis, design and role of the Panel, and explores the possibilities that can be employed by the Panel in promoting the internalisation of peace and security in Africa. The writer makes recommendations in respect of the membership, norms and mandate scope of the Panel, and expresses confidence that, if properly designed and operationalised, the Panel will make a difference in the peace and security architecture of the African Union. This article is based on the author's dissertation submitted in partial compliance with the requirements for the degree LLM Human Rights and Democratisation in Africa , Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria. As of May , the Protocol had not entered into force. The Protocol amended art 4 h of the AU Constitutive Act to include intervention in the event of 'a serious threat to legitimate order to restore peace and stability to the member state of the Union upon the recommendation of the Peace and Security Council'. PDF accessed 15 October


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The APSA evolved in the late s, when the African continent was confronted with severe crises such as the civil war in Somalia , which was ongoing since , and the genocide in Rwanda At the same time, the statutes of the Organisation of African Unity OAU did not allow an intervention in the inner affairs of another state. Two years later, the decision to establish the APSA was taken. The signature of the constitutive act of the AU [2] marked a turning point of inner-African relations. Therefore, the AU constitutive act is the first treaty under international law, which includes the right to militarily intervene in a third state based on humanitarian reasons, which is today often called a humanitarian intervention.

With existing literature focusing largely on Western perspectives of peace and their applications, and with the rise of increasingly more violent conflicts in international relations, a global understanding of peace is much needed. The recent Palgrave Handbook of Global Approaches to Peace gathers contributions from the authors of nearly 30 countries that combine conceptual, domestic, regional, systemic and alternative approaches to facilitate the integration of methodological orientations across geographical and intellectual circulations beyond the usual limited spaces. It is designed as a system of institutions, norms and policies, whose threefold purpose is to deal with conflict dynamics, tackle security challenges and promote sustainable development on the continent. At the time when the Organization of African Unity was transformed into the African Union AU , the latter has embedded its will and commitment to play a key role in peace and security on the African continent and beyond.

Revista de Estudos Internacionais

Over the past 15 years, the AU—UN partnership in peace and security has evolved significantly, both in breadth and depth. Nonetheless, the partnership faces obstacles to the full realisation of its shared goal of a conflict-free African continent. Debates over political primacy and institutional leadership narrow cooperation on the most sensitive files such as Libya or Cameroon. Unresolved questions concerning financial resources and burden-sharing in peacekeeping and counter-extremism efforts continue to linger. But despite these roadblocks, the prevailing international climate underscores the political, financial and operational reality that neither the AU nor the UN can prevent conflicts and manage crises on their own.

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The African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) is built around structures, objectives, principles and values, as well as decision-making processes relating​.

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Still, reform is essential to give the organisation new impetus, and is ever more urgent as insecurity worsens throughout the Sahel and Lake Chad regions.

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There is no doubt that since the transformation of the Organisation of. Africa Unity (OAU) into the African Union (AU), this new institution is demonstrating an.

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