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indian rivers and their tributaries pdf

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In this article, you will find the Rivers and Tributaries of India with Map. The Indian peninsular is home to a large number of rivers which flow through the continent and drain to the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea.

List of Indian Rivers and their Origin, Tributaries

One of our mentor will revert to you within 48 hours. Meanwhile you can Enjoy the Free Study Material. A river is a natural waterway of freshwater, which flows towards an ocean, sea, lake or another river. Most of the major rivers of India flow towards the east and drain out into the Bay of Bengal. Here we have come up with the details related to the Major rivers of India and the complete list of rivers in India and their tributaries.

Indian peninsular is home to maximum number of rivers, flows through the continent and drainage to Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. The important rivers of India are Ganga, Yamuna, Brahmaputra, Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna, Kaveri, Sutlej and Narmada but there are so many rivers which are main tributaries to above mentioned major rivers of India. The river has major tributaries as Zanskar,Chenab and was home to major cities of the Indus Valley Civilisation, such as Harappa and Mohenjo-daro. Alaknanda Himalayan river is one of the holy river of Hinduism and the source stream of the Ganges. Bhagirathi River rises at the foot of the Khatling Glacier and flows through the town of Devprayag,where it meets the Alaknanda river. Tehri Dam, one of the highest in the world is situated on Bhagirathi River. Jhelum River is one the five rivers of Punjab and a tributary of the Chenab River and later merges with the Sutlej.

India is called Land of rivers. Most of the agriculture land is being irrigated from the waters taken from rivers. Following list describes all of the Indian rivers and their point of Origin and Destination points. Now this map is little bit critical to understand. Guys who has made it Hats off to them What a mind blowing collection. Its some awesome info…but a bit lengthy..

Indian Rivers PDF Download – Mostly Asked Questions in India, General Awareness

Disclaimer: All efforts have been made to make this image accurate. However Compare Infobase Limited and its directors do not own any responsibility for the correctness or authenticity of the same. Maps of India - India's No. Transport Network in India. Facts about India. Andhra Pradesh Goa Gujarat Tamilnadu. Delhi Mumbai Kolkata.

This is a list of rivers of India , starting in the west and moving along the Indian coast southward, then northward. Tributary rivers are listed hierarchically in upstream order: the lower in the list, the more upstream.. The following rivers are part of the Narmada River 's basin: [1] [2]. The origin of the river Mahi is Mindha, Madhya Pradesh. The three streams confluence at the Kabnali village whereafter it is known as Mhadai, which has an easterly flow initially, then flows north and finally turns to the west on entering Goa.

GK> Indian Rivers Origin, Destinations, Length, Tributaries [PDF]

The rivers in India play an important role in the lives of the people. They provide potable water, cheap transportation , electricity , and the livelihood for many people nationwide. This easily explains why nearly all the major cities of India are located by the banks of rivers. The rivers also have an important role in Hindu Religion and are considered holy by all Hindus in the country.

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List of major rivers of India

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