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advantages and disadvantages of a sole trader pdf

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The most common form of ownership, it accounts for about 72 percent of all U.

A sole proprietor business is established, owned, financed and controlled by a single person who is known as sole trader or sole proprietor.

When thinking about opening your own business , you might well have given some consideration to becoming a sole trader. Sole trader, also known as a sole proprietor is one of the types of business available for use within the UK. It is also one of the most popular, for a number of reasons, including the ease with which a business can be set up using this form.

What are the Advantages of Sole Proprietorship?

The IRS expects self-employed individuals to pay federal income tax throughout the year, and if you don't pay estimated tax each quarter, Uncle Sam can charge you interest and impose nonpayment penalties. As long as you earn income in a given quarter, you owe tax for that quarter. You must pay federal income tax, along with Social Security and Medicare taxes, known collectively as self-employment tax. The amount of federal income tax you pay is based on your adjusted gross income. The most common and simplest form of business is a sole proprietorship.

The advantages and disadvantages of being a sole trader

A sole trader is also known as a sole proprietor. A sole trader business comes into existence when a single person decides to start a company. A sole proprietorship exists as the easiest and most common type of business found in the U. Operating as a sole trader has a significant legal and tax impact on the business and its owner. Lack of liability protection exists as one of the biggest disadvantages of operating as a sole trader.

The sole trader business structure is the most popular in the UK. In there were approximately 3. The sole trader structure has been popular due to its many advantages and the ease of setting up. Sole trader business owners are known as self-employed and most freelancers opt for this structure of the business. There are both advantages and disadvantages of the sole trader business structure that need to be taken into account before making any business decisions.

Among the different business structures, sole proprietorship is considered and most basic and simplest form. Apart from being a common preference by business owners, it is also owned solely by an individual. Nevertheless, this type of business structure has advantages and disadvantages attributed to it. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of a sole proprietorship business type. No Boss One of the reasons entrepreneurs prefer sole proprietorship over other business structures is not having to be accountable to any boss or supervisor since he or she is the owner of the company. This means that the entrepreneur himself is the one at the helm of the business and decisions are made solely by him.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Sole Trader

By QuickBooks Canada Team. Most Canadian small business owners choose from the four major types of business structures: sole proprietorship, partnership, cooperative, and corporation. Also known as a sole trader, a sole proprietorship is the least complex business form for one person who owns and runs the company.

Characteristics of a Sole Trader

Names like Sears, eBay, and JC Penney bring to mind millions of dollars in sales and lasting brand recognition, but they all have something else in common—they started as sole proprietorships. As the most simplistic business structure, sole proprietorships are easy to establish and inexpensive to create.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Sole Proprietorship


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Be your own boss. The main benefit of being a sole trader is that you are your own boss and you can dictate the direction of the business. Keep all the profits. Easy to set up. Low start-up costs. Maximum privacy. Easy to change the business structure. Unlimited liability. Tax may not be efficient.

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